Like all credit unions Ohio’s First Class Credit Union (OFCCU) depends on its members to volunteer their time to help the credit union. OFCCU has a seven member Board of Directors comprised entirely of volunteers giving their time for the advancement of the credit union. The Board meets monthly, on the third Thursday, at the main office 1800 Carnegie Avenue. OFCCU also depends on a Supervisory Audit Committee to help oversee the activities of the credit union. The Committee is also comprised entirely of volunteers willing to give their time to the credit union. The committee reviews transactions to make sure the credit union is operating under the policies that the Board has approved. They also interact with the Certified Public Accountants to make sure credit union is following all generally accepted accounting procedures. OFCCU is always looking for qualified people willing to volunteer their time for the credit union. If you are interested, please send a letter expressing your interest and qualifications to:

Secretary of the Board of Directors

1800 Carnegie Avenue Cleveland, Ohio 44115